Robert Osborne

Hello, my name is Robert Osborne. Those who know me know that I love music and I especially love playing music on the radio. I am a graduate of North Carolina State University (NCSU) with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Public and Interpersonal Communications. I began working in radio in 1978 at WKNC 88.9 FM at NCSU. Shortly after that I landed my first commercial radio station job at 102.3 FM WOKN in Goldsboro, NC for an astute business man named Robert Swinson, a legend in southeastern North Carolina. Although he admitted that I was a pretty good radio talent, from his perspective, the route to a secure future in radio was through sales. Taking his advice I became a radio account executive fulltime and a part time on-air personality. I went on to work at several stations in the Raleigh, NC market before marrying my lovely wife and settling into what I thought would be a lifelong career as a sales representative for American Airlines. However, the terrorist acts that led to the tragedy of 9/11/01 not only changed my personal perspective, but the course of my life. You see, my family and I often flew standby simply because we could and I realized it was a higher power that kept me and my family out of harm’s way on that fateful day. I set out from that day forward to make a difference in my society and leave a legacy that those who know me and my children could be proud of. I returned to graduate school and earned a Master of Arts degree in Secondary Social Studies Education. I became a high school classroom teacher and was pretty successful at it given the responses I receive from former students and colleagues. Nevertheless, I did not at the time think that I was making a substantial impact from my position so I returned to graduate school this time pursuing a Master of Science degree in Mental Health counseling. In this field, I had an impact on the population in which I worked with which was adolescents between the age of 12 and 17. Still, I did not feel like I was doing enough to satisfy my civic responsibilities so I became involved with my local branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), the nation’s oldest, grass-roots, civil rights organization. None the less, my inner passions were still calling to broadcasting. Then one day it happened on a chance meeting talking about of all things farming. Mr. Ken Santarelli was presenting himself as the new owner of the local radio station. I totally misinterpreted and thought that he was about to turn what had been a gospel station into a country radio station so I stepped to him and learned that he had in mind a rhythmic format featuring dance and house music. I immediately volunteered to sell advertisement and to do a part time weekend show of gospel on Sundays and found that he was looking for someone to do a Saturday afternoon rhythmic show. I settled in to both shows and proved my wares to him so to speak as both a salesman as well as an experienced announcer. Meanwhile, I was increasingly becoming more involved with the NAACP. To make an already long story short. I was recently nominated an elected as President of the Duplin County (NC) Branch of the NAACP and Sales and Promotions Manager for Surge Media, LLC. I now do the Afternoon Drive on Surge Radio, Kansas City and The Afternoon Drive on the all new WEGG, The Dream 100.5 FM and 710 AM: We don’t keep it 100; we keep it 100.5 “The Soul of Duplin County!